I know I don’t have any following on social media or anywhere else – not even on this blog. I am sharing this for the sake of sharing.

My last blog post was on the 22 December in 2016 which was around the same time I left a full-time job at Tenacity Works in Cape Town to start a journey on my own.

I have been kept busy ever since juggling shit I never thought I would be juggling some day. I became a boyfriend, an accountant, a salesman, a system administrator, a developer, a technician and I became *fat in the process. In the process, I also attracted a lot of bad business partners – the guys who would call on a Saturday and disturb the peace.

So… I haven’t really had enough time to do stuff that matters, like losing weight, being a good boyfriend, blogging, hiking and so forth. I have made a commitment though to start making the time, so keep watching this space, my Twitter or Instagram.


*fat – currently the scale is standing at 115kg (I am overweight)