The 19th December 2014, we were faced with a little predicament where the client left the office to go on holiday without granting us access to their servers. We wanted to link attachments to pages using ChronoForms version 5 which required absolute path.

The interesting thing is they setup a Php server on a Windows 2008 server and everything in terms of directory structure threw me off completely. All my directory guess work failed.

The only easy option was to wait until the client returns from their holiday in 2015 or “kind of hack” my way on their server. I did attempted the hacking part and this is what I did:

  1. Installed DirectPhp plugin: Allowed me to execute Php directly from within articles.
  2. Executed the following Php script from within one of the articles (any):

Finally we got somewhere – the path was something like this:

Uhm… I wouldn’t have guessed that 🙂