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Overwrite WordPress’ wp_admin from email address

Have you ever wanted to change the “from:” in WordPress using the CODE? See below for a quick solution (snippet).


Automatically remove a canceled order in WooCommerce [UnTested]

Based on a question on StackExchange, please find a solution below. We have not tested this, but it was a quick solution by: the_dramatist and kinda looks right. Please test!


List all WordPress Categories and their IDs

These few lines can save your life if you are “stupid” like me:


WordPress | Get content from a specific post using post_id


This is really simple to understand:



Good bye!

Bootstrap3 Carousel in a WordPress loop…

For starters, this is not sure and we assume you have created a custom post type for the carousel loop.

Read more about WordPress custom post types here:

In this instance, we assume the custom post type name is slides:


How do I determine if I’m on the very first page of pagination in WordPress?

Well… this is how:


Disable additional contact fields (Aim, Jabber, etc) from WordPress User

Copy this code into your functions.php

But there are fileds that will require jQuery to be removed as per the source:

Blah blah blah… adding more content to page:


WordPress – Restrict dashboard access to non-admin users and remove admin bar on the front-end

This is how you restrict non-admin users access to the WordPress dashboard:



This is how you remove the admin login on the front-end of your website:


How to disable WordPress Emoticons using a function

Assuming you are a developer or at least you have some form of access to your theme’s functions.php, you can add the following snipped to disable WordPress emoticons:


Brand WordPress RSS Feed – All your logo

This is how you can go about


branding your WordPress RSS feed:


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