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jQuery: How to detect window width on the fly?

jQuery: How to detect window width on the fly? (Script from StackOverflow)


Managing Wildcard Subdomains with Vue-Router



Quick rsync snippet

A little script for the days when you head is not working. The script copies files from your local machine on to a remote server (assuming you don’t have SSH keys stored on the server).

  1. Zip the files (I find this cleaner)

  2. Rsync the files

  3. Unzip the files and move them into correct paths



A quick debugging PHP code in WordPress snippet

Debugging PHP code is part of any project, but WordPress comes with specific debug systems designed to simplify the process as well as standardize code across the core, plugins, and themes.



Why I haven’t posted anything in 1 year and 6 months

I know I don’t have any following on social media or anywhere else – not even on this blog. I am sharing this for the sake of sharing.

My last blog post was on the 22 December in 2016 which was around the same time I left a full-time job at Tenacity Works in Cape Town to start a journey on my own.

I have been kept busy ever since juggling shit I never thought I would be juggling some day. I became a boyfriend, an accountant, a salesman, a system administrator, a developer, a technician and I became *fat in the process. In the process, I also attracted a lot of bad business partners – the guys who would call on a Saturday and disturb the peace.

So… I haven’t really had enough time to do stuff that matters, like losing weight, being a good boyfriend, blogging, hiking and so forth. I have made a commitment though to start making the time, so keep watching this space, my Twitter or Instagram.


*fat – currently the scale is standing at 115kg (I am overweight)

Open all external links and PDFs in an external window or tab using jQuery

This is how you would open all external links and PDFs in an external window or tab using jQuery.

Now leave me alone…

How do I determine if I’m on the very first page of pagination in WordPress?

Well… this is how:


Can women ever be equal to men?

Original question:

Can women ever be equal to men?


Why I brought this up:

I tweeted:

Clearly my tweet was met with a lot of criticism, especially on Facebook and my close circle of friends. However, the reason why I initially tweeted was based on reading that ISIS was now targeting and recruiting women and also on another reading that more and more women in South Africa were now getting involved in illegal mining.
I meant everything from a good standing ground; that women are mothers of the nation and that as powerful as they are, the need to understand that if they break apart, the who nation will break apart.
However, to a lot of women the whole “men vs women” topic is war. I should have known better.


Favourite answer:

NO, Women can never be equal to men and Men can never be equal to Women. It doesn’t  mean that women is less then men or Vice- versa

Naturally women and men is born with different biology and responsibilities towards the Nature and that is to balance the universe.

Women is born with great mental strength and sustainability which is needed when she delivers a baby, otherwise she will not survive that unbearable pain and delivering a baby is a responsibility that nature has given to her. Same way men are born with higher physical strength which makes them survive in adverse natural conditions and take care of others less powerful. (that is my biological definition for men and women I am not including intelligence or other factors here)

Now,  I see problem where men and women with same intelligence clash with each other, Yes, That’s the area when both can compete with each other with equal force and  intelligence has nothing to do with the gender its only genetics  and that’s how problem has started. There are area’s when men and women try to overpower each other and I think its good for both as far as its a healthy competition.

But as per me , Men and Women are not born to be equal to each other they are born to complement and complete each other

I am simply against any violence or inhumane act against any human. I am against any discrimination based on gender, there should be equal opportunity of good life for both, But competition as in race to prove yourself superior is strict no no.. If one is superior they will get noticed any way.. Men Women both :))

The Myth Called Gender Equality

To say that women are equal to men, is like saying a doctor is equal to an engineer. Yes, both are graduates and professionals, but their functions in the society are different. They should just be proud of what they can and should do, and appreciative of what the other is doing. There is no point in a doctor claiming that he is equal to an engineer and so should be allowed to build a skyscraper, nor in an engineer seeking the privilege to perform a surgery. There were some interesting articles that complained that there aren’t as many takers for women’s cricket as there are for men’s. Of course, if the best of these women’s teams play against the worst of men’s team (at any given level – national or international), it’s not even going to be much of a contest. So the simple fact is that women are not up to men’s level in playing cricket, and so there are few who are interested in watching them play. It has nothing to do with a perceptional bias. If this difference is evident in even something as simple to analyze as a game, then how can we assume equality on a larger scale? I am sure there are other fields in which men are no match for women. This does not make men and women more equal, but adds to the inequality.
I have been reading many articles that ascribed crime against women to a perception of this inequality in the society. In my opinion, this is fallacious reasoning. Hurting or abusing another is always a wrong thing to do – whether or not they are equal. For example, whether or not you consider a manager and a worker who reports to him to be equal or not, it is not acceptable for the manager to abuse the worker, or the other way. I don’t think it’s because they are equal or they’re doing the same job in their organization, but just that it is not okay for anybody to hurt anybody else – be it man or animal or plant – physically or emotionally (or in any other way). Why don’t we stop at that, rather than bring in unsustainable and arbitrary points such as equality? Of course, we can discuss and debate on those lines as much as we want, but let’s not allow our opinion on these abstract concepts (such as equality) to cloud our view on something as down-to-earth as crime and punishment.I don’t think anybody is equal to anybody else. What I believe is that we are all in different stages of evolution (of the soul), and at our current level we have certain responsibilities that help us get to the next level if we gladly play our part, and to our best ability. We are all essentially manifestations of the same spirit, equally loved by God, and deserve to be equally treated by the Law. We’re like gold or diamond in different levels of refinement or polishing. But the equality stops there. Yes, men and women are different, and the society needs them in different roles. To understand and accept our weakness is the key to developing our strengths. That is the way we grow. If anybody cannot see this obvious truth, they’re either closing their eyes to it, or actually blind. To accept this difference and celebrate this diversity is vital to solving the gender issues that the world is facing today.



How to create a sub-domain on zPanel

This is how:
1.   Login to ZPanel as user
2.   Click “Sub Domains
3.   Enter sub-domain prefix and select the domain
4.   Use create new home directory
5.   Click “Create
6.   Now go home
7.   Then click “DNS manager
8.   Select your domain
9.   Under CNAME – You will need to add new record for the prefix of your sub domain
10. Then click “Save Changes


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