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Automatically remove a canceled order in WooCommerce [UnTested]

Based on a question on StackExchange, please find a solution below. We have not tested this, but it was a quick solution by: the_dramatist and kinda looks right. Please test!


Convert all WordPress status from Trash to Drafts

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to covert hundreds and hundreds of posts from the Trash folder into Drafts?

You can easily execute that using one easy mySQL query:


Open all external links and PDFs in an external window or tab using jQuery

This is how you would open all external links and PDFs in an external window or tab using jQuery.

Now leave me alone…

Change local server time using php.ini on a shared hosting environment

Have you ever been a cheapskate and opted for a shared hosting environment in a foreign country merely because it was cheaper? Haver you ever been frustrated for not being able to control the server system time because obviously, that is not your server?

Cheapskate – A stingy person. Somebody who buys cheap in favour of higher quality or better stuff. Even though they might be able to afford the better. Perhaps ungenerously trying not to spend much on their friends. Not particularly offensive, and often intended to ridicule in a light-hearted manner. North American origin (skate apparently meaning fellow).


Well the good news is you can use the php.ini file in your shared hosting account to take control of the server local time as follows:

A list of supported time zones:


Wrap colorbox main div into another Raw

The last time I worked with the Colorbox library was during my “hardcore” Drupal7 days and that was many months ago. I recently found myself creating galleries, pop-ups and so forth over the past 48 hours using jQuery ColorBox:

If you have ever wanted to know how you could easily wrap the colorbox main div with another div, this is how easy it is to do that:


Importing a web font using @font-face in shopify’s liquid Raw


List all WordPress Categories and their IDs

These few lines can save your life if you are “stupid” like me:


WordPress | Get content from a specific post using post_id


This is really simple to understand:



Good bye!

Bootstrap3 Carousel in a WordPress loop…

For starters, this is not sure and we assume you have created a custom post type for the carousel loop.

Read more about WordPress custom post types here:

In this instance, we assume the custom post type name is slides:


WordPress: Multiple loops on one page Raw

Here… but don’t hang yourself:


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