A Little Bit About Me

Hello! My name is Archie Makuwa. I am a freelance full-time web developer living in Johannesburg, South Africa. To read me more about what I do, my skills levels and what I get up to on a daily basis, please follow this url: http://www.aatsol.co.za/

Archie Makuwa
Uhmm, that is me right there

Since June 2012, I moved down to Cape Town and joined a small team of dedicated developers at a small company called Datonomy (Pty) Ltd. I recently moved back to Johannesburg, Gauteng to joint a team of intelligent, dedicated and innovative developers at Inkosi Media and Creative Spark.


What I do on my spare time:

Life is busy… #NoLie. But if I happen not to be busy, then I’m probably:

  1. Meeting up with fellow developers at a hackathon somewhere…
  2. Mess around with code and pollute Github #suchahobby
  3. Hiking… only if the weather is good.
  4. Practicing the “extreme art of footskating”

Archie / Aatsol and Entrepreneurship; what is the relationship?

In case you were wondering, I am the same Archie that founded Archie’s Advanced Technology Solutions (Aatsol 2007 ~ 2011). The company was sold to Ultrahint Consulting (Pty) Ltd towards the end of 2011.


My Skills:

  • Content Management Systems: Drupal, WordPress & Joomla!
  • Php & MySql
  • Html (4 & 5)
  • CSS (2 & 3)
  • Responsive Design
  • eCommerce setup
  • JQuery (still learning and breaking things)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • CPanel (Hosting and configuration)
  • Server configuration
  • Technical Stuff (it used to be my daily job)
  • And making coffee… :-)


Community Involvement

I never forget where I came from. Apparently the key to success in life is exactly that – never forgetting where you came from. I contribute to the following international and national organizations in all ways possible (time, financial contribution, content, etc).

www.nydt.co.za – Ntirhisano Youth Development Trust

www.rhok.org – Random Hacks of Kindness (Global hackathon to assist communities facing technology crisis).

www.ypf.co.za – An online Young Professionals Forum

www.pixel8ed.co.za – Online resource sharing for developers and designers that I follow

www.difela.co.za – Online hymns / difela

– www.xaveri.org – Xaveri Movement South Africa (currently revamping the website)